TVDB Client 0.2.4

Changes in tvdbclient version 0.2.4: The command line supports a new sub command art for fetching cover art.

$ tvdb art homeland

Fetches the default cover art for the series named "homeland" and stores the image under a default name in the current directory.

$ tvdb art homeland 1

Does the same for the season 1 cover.

It is possible to fetch more than one image:

$ tvdb art homeland --type fanart --number 2:5

Will fetch the third, fourth and fifth fanart image. Numbers are a 0-based index.

One can specify the filename using a patterns:

$ tvdb art homeland -t fanart -n :5 --outfile homeland-{number}.{ext}

The pattern can also be provided in the [art] section of the config file.

# ~/.config/tvdb/tvdb.conf
# -------------------------
outfile = {type}{season}-{number:02d}.{ext}