podfetch 0.3.2

Changes in podfetch 0.3.2:

Index files are now kept under ~/.local/share/podfetch/ instead of ~/.cache/podfetch/.

Subscriptions may define an individual content_dir where episodes are stored.

url = http://example.com/podcast
title = Some Name
content_dir = /path/to/episodes
$ podfetch add http://example.com/podcast -d /path/to/episodes

The add command supports a (filename-) template parameter. It has the same effect as the filename_template setting in the configuration files.

$ podfetch add http://example.com/podcast --template '{title}-{id}.{ext}'
The purge command is improved:
  • select episodes by date published (was: filename)
  • simulation mode
  • correctly handle episodes with multiple files

See the podfetch main page.

TVDB Client 0.2.4

Changes in tvdbclient version 0.2.4: The command line supports a new sub command art for fetching cover art.

$ tvdb art homeland

Fetches the default cover art for the series named "homeland" and stores the image under a default name in the current directory.

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Spellcheck with aspell

Author: akeil
Date: 2014-05-10
Version: 1

aspell [1] is an open-source spell checker which can be used from the command line. Aspell can be used when working with text-based files such as ReStructured Text or markdown (or plain text, of course).

aspell has filters to spellcheck E-Mails or HTML documents.

There are also Python bindings for aspell [2].

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